Five Mistakes You Must Avoid To Score Good Marks In SSC CGL Exam


Staff Selection Commission conducts the SSC CGL Exam every year. So, you must take care of some common mistakes made by the SSC CGL aspirants at the time of preparation as well as during the exam. If you repeat the mistakes in the exam, you may not be able to qulaify the exam. Candidates often face stress and pressure at the time of SSC CGL Exam and make some common mistakes from which they lose their marks and couldn’t clear the SSC CGL Exam. So, we have listed out the five common mistakes in the exam. You must avoid these mistakes which are given below to score higher marks and clear the SSC CGL Exam.

1. Lack of Latest Exam Patterna and Syllabus:

When aspirants start preparing for SSC CGL Exam, first they must know about the latest exam pattern and syllabus. Most of the candidates prepare for the exam by joining coaching institutes, which don’t analyze the exam pattern and syllabus given by SSC. The institutes covers only some topics which is not sufficient for SSC CGL Exam. KD Campus follows the latest pattern and Syllabus, provided by SSCNotification. KD Campus is the best SSC CGL Coaching in Delhi and NCR. At KD Campus, we have well-qualified and experienced teachers who impart necessary knowledge and proper guidance for the all-round professional growth of individual students. We offer free special batches for Maths and English. This helps our students to get a better grip over the respective subjects.

2. Preparing for Various Exams at the Same Time:

Many students often have a tendency to prepare for multiple exams at a time. They use this strategy so that they can crack any of the government exam, but it is surely not appropriate and good idea, if you are preparing many exams while preparing SSC CGL Exam, beacuse SSC CGL Exam is the toughets exam this time. Different exams require different skill, strategy and exam pattern and syllabus. For example, if you are focusing on SSC CGL Exam, you should not prepare for Banking, Railway etc. at the same time. This will distract you from your goal.

3. Use Many Books and Sources for Exam Preparation:

Many students refer too many books and sources for SSC CGL Exam Preparation, which is not a good strategy. The number of many sources can confuse you because every source has its own strategy, idea, plan, difficulties and methods of solving the questions. It is wasting your time in comparing these methods and at the time of exam, you will not be able to find out the shortest way to get the answers. Therefore, aspirants are advised to perform proper research and select a good reference book/online platform and refer the same for preparation. Exhaustive and impeccable study material for thorough/better understanding by our sister concern, KD Publication. Innovative and witty short tricks are shared by the teachers for achieving the desired result in limited preparation time.

4. Not Giving Importance to All Subjects and not making the notes:

Students usually these days focus only on their strong subjects and areas, which is the biggest mistake because every subject has its importance and carries equal marks. If candidates will not focus on their weak subjects and areas, they can’t clear the SSC CGL Exam. Candidates sometimes start their preparation for the exam without making proper short notes. In the absence of proper notes and plan, they are unable to revise the important topic in the last days of the exam. In thsi way they don't revise the entire syllabus. Some subjects always need to revise regularly like General Studies and Current Affairs. It is important to make short notes of every subject so that you can easily revise the topics before the exam.

4. Not taking the Online Test Series:

Many students do not take online tests on regular basis, so they don't manage the time while giving the exam. We ace the field of online tests with our extensive series of tests. From online labs to the KDLive app, KD Campus has lot more to offer.

5. Avoiding Proper Time Management During the Exam:

Many candidates don’t make any strategy to manage their time in the exam hall, because they didn't give online test while preaparing SSC CGL Exam and misuse a lot of time in the single section or question. Candidates should always manage their time in examination hall by dividing proper time slots to all sections. You should not spend more time on a single question if you are not getting the answer on the very first try. Candidates sometimes leave the easy question for last time and start with the difficult questions, which is not always a good idea because you may not get the correct answer and waste lot of time in solving them. The chances are there that you may have to suffer through the negative marking. You should start with easy question to score highter marks and avoid the negative marking. The examiner sets some tough questions just to examine your intelligence to differentiate the time-consuming questions. If you start with the easier one, then you can easily get more marks. Innovative and witty short tricks are shared by the teachers for achieving the desired result in limited preparation time.

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It is advisable that you focus on revising the topics/questions in which you feel you are weak. Revise all the concepts and attempt free quizzes available on the KDLIVE app and Take Mock Test Daily to ensure your selection.


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