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Centre Course Class Date Class Time Fill Details
JAIPUR RIDHI TOWERS BANK PO/ CLERK 2/14/2017 10:00AM-01:00PM Demo Class
GTB NAGAR SSC PRE 2-Feb-17 5:15 PM TO 8:00 PM Demo Class
MUKHERJEE NAGAR BANK PO 7/Feb/17 11:15 AM TO 2:00 PM Demo Class
HANSRAJ COLLEGE (DU) SSC PRE 16-01-17 05:00PM - 08:00PM Demo Class
AGRA SSC JE ELECTRICAL 17.1.17 4:00-7:00 PM Demo Class
PATNA MAHENDRU BRANCH BANK PO 21.02.2017 7:00-10:00AM Demo Class
PATNA ASHOK RAJPATH SSC PRE 19.01.2017 7:00-10:00AM Demo Class
UTTAM NAGAR SSC JE CIVIL 19.01.2017 04:00-07:00PM Demo Class
VARANASI SSC PRE 19 JAN. 5:30pm-7:30pm Demo Class
GURUGRAM SSC PRE 17/01/17 04.30P.M-07.30P.M Demo Class

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